Landscape Construction 

Every landscape should be well planned and designed.  We understand that landscape construction is one of the most important stages in having a beautiful landscape. Whether your property requires drought tolerant plantings or native plants, Seaport Landscape Management's certified and experienced team members will provide you with the best possible solution and plans to make your idea a reality.  By partnering with us to perform your landscape construction projects, you will receive the same excellence and professionalism that has become associated with Seaport Landscape Management.

Hardscape and Lighting

We would love to beautify your landscape!!!

Hardscape and lighting is steadily becoming the norm within well conceived landscapes. Our team of skilled craftsmen can help you build the outdoor living space of your dreams. By allowing Seaport Landscape Management to install your hardscape or lighting you are guaranteed to have a project that is "done right the first time."

If you partner with us, you will be guaranteed a project done professional by skilled craftsmen that you can depend on. It is vital that your hardscape or lighting is installed professionally to reduce future issues. We have years of experience installing projects of various sizes and shapes.

Our team members, believe in providing each customer with a project that will instantly beautify their properties and increase the value as well.  Hardscape requires skilled and seasoned craftsmen like Seaport Landscape's team members.

Plant Installation​​

We strongly believe that plants are a vital part of not just your landscape but of Earth overall. By having such a strong knowledge and love for plants, our team members are dedicated to installing plants that are properly spaced so that they can and will receive proper water and light needed to survive. We have over 20 years of experience following plans and blueprints. This experience has helped us to gain the experience and knowledge needed to suggest changes that will allow for better plant life and quality.

Landscape Design

The landscape design stage is one of the most critical stages in developing your landscape.  We help our customers to achieve their primary goals within their landscape. Whether it be a outdoor oasis with an attached outdoor kitchen or a scenic array of plants that are designed to attract customers or tenants, our design experienced design team can help you to achieve your goal.